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Weight Distribution

Reese has been at the forefront of trailering equipment research and development for many years. In fact, Reese helped to develop the standards used by the State of New York and the US Department of Transportation. A Reese Weight Distribution System evenly distributes the weight of the trailer between the trailer axles and the tow vehicle axles. The result is a more level ride, which reduces stress on the rear of the tow vehicle while providing greater steering and breaking control. The Weight Distribution hitch systems provide a softer ride and distribute forces more evenly than previous technologies. That means a better towing experience, and greater piece of mind.

A weight distribution system comprises three components:

  • A hitch rated for weight distribution (Class III, Class IV, or Class V) is attached to the tow vehicle.
  • A weight distribution kit is installed.
  • A hitch ball that connects the weight distribution assembly to the trailer.

These components work together to provide a more level ride with greater steering and braking control. Weight distribution systems are engineered on the basis of tongue weight and gross trailer weight. Consult your dealer for the proper weight distribution kit and hitch ball for your trailer.

Another driving condition weight distribution systems can assist with is trailer sway. Wind gusts, uneven surfaces, or a down-grade can cause sudden sway. Properly designed and installed sway controls can deliver safer, more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. There are two standard sway control systems.

  • Friction Sway Control is more common and less expensive system. Friction sway control operates on the principle of stiffening the coupling between the tow vehicle and the trailer. It does not prevent sway, but works to resist the forces once they have started.
  • Active Sway Control, a Reese exclusive, is more effective than a straight line system. The secret of an active sway control system is the high performance dual cam sway control. Unlike friction sway control, the dual cam is an active form of sway control.

Choosing a Reese weight distribution system requires careful evaluation of a number of factors, including Tongue Weight (TW) Gross Trailer Weight (GTW), and many other factors. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for your car or truck and trailer for additional information.